Cost of Legalization

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The cost of legalizing recreational marijuana to our children, employers, families, and communities is enormous. This is a decision that no state or community should take lightly.

Help us spread the word: we must count the cost of legalization before heading to the Michigan polls to vote in November.

As you weigh whether to oppose or support this ballot initiative, consider these questions:

  • What does the ballot initiative language say?
  • If this is adopted, what is the law we will be asked to live with?
  • How easy is it to change or to add regulations to recreational marijuana policy, if it passes?
  • How will it impact local communities?
  • How will it hurt the classrooms and schools?
  • Will it hurt or help our law enforcement, making their jobs harder?
  • Are our hospitals and healthcare facilities and experts prepared to handle extra pressure to their already maxed out systems?
  • How will recreational marijuana be kept out of reach of children?
  • How does recreational marijuana influence the brains of users, and second and third-hand people?
  • Are the states that have legalized recreational marijuana benefiting or hurting from this change?

Anytime we make a change to a law as a society there is an impact.

Weigh the cost. As you will find from the research, resources, and thoughtful insights here on our website and social media platforms, we know recreational marijuana to be a danger that we simply do not want to become part of the dan of our state.

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