What Happens to Our Insurance if Recreational Marijuana Becomes Legal?

Insurance increases where recreational marijuana is made legal. There will be high costs, in many aspects of our Michigan lives, if recreational marijuana becomes legal in Michigan. We must work tirelessly to make sure it does not succeed.

Are you ready for insurance increases? A new report says Michigan’s auto insurance rates are still the highest in the nation (ZEBRA).

The average annual auto premium in Michigan is about $2,600 which is nearly twice the national average.

Legalized recreational marijuana makes it difficult for police to prove a driver is under the influence of marijuana affecting enforcement, accident liability and insurance rates. Marijuana-impaired driving fatalities have surged in states with legal recreational marijuana:

Here are some related facts to insurance increases:

  • One in five drivers are under the influence of marijuana, up from one in ten prior to legalization (Washington Traffic Safety Commission). 
  • Since legalization in Colorado, there has been a 66% increase in marijuana-related traffic deaths (Rocky Mountain HIDTA)
  • States that legalized recreational marijuana saw an increase of 16% in average auto insurance premiums the year after legislation passed, as compared to the year prior.
  • Colorado saw a 33% and Nevada saw a 40% increase in average yearly premiums within the year prior and year after legalization passed.

Michigan already has some of the highest insurance in the nation.

Say NO to legalizing recreational marijuana. So NO to insurance increases!

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