Helpful Information on Recreational Marijuana

Here is helpful information on recreational marijuana. Be in the know before you vote in Michigan's elections on Tuesday, November 6. You will be asked if you want our state to legalize recreational marijuana. We encourage you to vote no. Share these resources with your network! It is important that we all make informed and educated decisions when we go to the polls. Enjoy these resources - helpful information on recreational marijuana and what legalizing it could mean for our state. Click here to learn more! An incredibly powerful and insightful article on what is taking place in [...]

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PDF Handout

Here is your PDF Handout to share with colleagues, friends and neighbors! Please share with people in your group! We need your help to spread the word that defeating the legalization of recreational marijuana in Michigan - is a must! Oftentimes we assume everyone understands what we do and so we do not think to share information with friends. But you will be surprised to learn how many people are not in the know of the dangers of recreational marijuana. They may not listen to the same news sources you do, or read the same material you do. So [...]

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