Recreational Marijuana Dangers

Addicted to Recreational Marijuana? Yes, It’s Possible.

Yes, you can get addicted to marijuana! Make sure you are aware of the potential dangers of this drug before you vote on whether to make recreational marijuana legal in November!  America's Invisible Pot Addicts: "Public-health experts worry about the increasingly potent options available, and the striking number of constant users. “Cannabis is potentially a real public-health problem,” said Mark A. R. Kleiman, a professor of public policy at New York University. “It wasn’t obvious to me 25 years ago, when 9 percent of self-reported cannabis users over the last month reported daily or near-daily use. I always was [...]

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Michigan Driver with THC in System – Kills a Man

A horrific story of a young Michigan Driver who was driving under the influence of marijuana with a tragic ending. We must not let this grow worse. Vote NO to legalizing recreational marijuana in Michigan! August 16, 2018: "GREENBUSH TWP. — A Mt. Pleasant woman was driving with marijuana in her system when she struck and killed a 72-year-old man, according to charges in Clinton County. "Tests showed that Sarah Snyder, 25, had THC, the main active ingredient in marijuana, in her system at the time of the May 3 crash. Aaron Coltrane, Snyder's attorney, was not immediately available [...]

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Vaping in 9th Grade Linked to Increase Marijuana Use

The information below is significant. Please make sure you share it with your teachers, neighbors, and families. Students in 9th grade who participate in "vaping" are 4 times more likely to start using marijuana in 11th grade. Ninth graders who use e-cigarettes and hookah are up to four times more likely to use marijuana in 11th grade, CNN reports. The findings come from a study of more than 2,500 teens from 10 public schools in Los Angeles. The study is published in Pediatrics. Click here to read more Paid for with regulated funds by Healthy and Productive Michigan P.O. Box [...]

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Father Warns Parents: Marijuana Dabbing

A Michigan father warns parents: marijuana is way too accessible for our youth. Please read these two articles regarding the heartbreaking story of a Ludington, Michigan Dad who lost his 16-year-old son due to marijuana dabbing. In October 2017, Henry was driving having used marijuana and passed out, hitting a semi-truck. Share this story and make sure other parents are informed: recreational marijuana has dangerous consequences. Michigan citizens must vote no in November to legalize recreational marijuana! Father Warns Parents Father of Teen Who Died Makes Emotional Speech We need your help spreading this message. Join us here.  [...]

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Helpful Information on Recreational Marijuana

Here is helpful information on recreational marijuana. Be in the know before you vote in Michigan's elections on Tuesday, November 6. You will be asked if you want our state to legalize recreational marijuana. We encourage you to vote no. Share these resources with your network! It is important that we all make informed and educated decisions when we go to the polls. Enjoy these resources - helpful information on recreational marijuana and what legalizing it could mean for our state. Click here to learn more! An incredibly powerful and insightful article on what is taking place in [...]

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News on Recreational Marijuana Dangers

September 25, 2018 "One man was killed late Monday night during an attempted burglary of a Detroit medical marijuana dispensary, police said." In September 2018, "a Commerce Township man intending to buy marijuana behind a business on Union Lake Road reportedly had his medication stolen from him at gunpoint on Friday afternoon." In April of 2018 in a Saginaw man has been convicted of killing a teenager over a quarter-pound of marijuana. Our hearts are so sadden to see this news! Please pray for this family: "WAYLAND, Mich. (WOOD) — A Jimmy John's delivery driver who [...]

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Drug Free Jackson Adopts Resolution to Oppose Marijuana

Congratulations to Jackson, Michigan's "Drug Free Jackson" coalition on their strong stand against recreational marijuana. See the stories here: Drug Free Jackson Adopts Marijuana Resolution Drug Free Jackson Passes Resolution Opposing Legalization of Marijuana Use Click here to find out how you can be part of our effort to STOP the legalization of recreational marijuana in Michigan.

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We Launch YouTube Channel to Educate on Recreational Marijuana!

We have launched a YouTube Channel! Healthy and Productive Michigan is excited to make this new resource available to Michigan Citizens: a YouTube channel dedicated to informing our communities on recreational marijuana. Click here to check it out and subscribe! Please recommend it to a friend. Find other helpful resources and facts here.  We Are on YouTube: Watch More Videos Learn More Paid for with regulated funds by Healthy and Productive Michigan P.O. Box 2066, Grand Rapids MI 49501 Questions and Answers Talking Points [...]

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Michigan Father Loses 16 year old son – Due to Recreational Marijuana

This Michigan father understands the significance of recreational marijuana and its availability to our youth. His 16 year old son, Henry died with it in his system. Read his story.  "Henry MacDougall, who had traces of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in his body, died after his vehicle crashed into a semi-truck and trailer at the intersection of US 31 and Sugar Grove Road in Sherman Township. MacDougall was westbound on Sugar Grove Road and failed to stop for the intersection. "MacDougall was “dabbing,” which is using a type of inhaler to ingest a drug, at Saya’s house. He was dabbing a [...]

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Marijuana is a Challenging Topic for Employers

Legalizing recreational marijuana in Michigan is bad for our business community. Click the link below to find out just how "hazy" this issue really is. Crain's Detroit: "Marijuana, medical and otherwise, is driving employers mad with indecision. Historically, most employers test candidates for drugs before hiring them, and sometimes do spot tests during employment or following a safety incident. But as more and more workers are card-carrying medical marijuana users and with legalized recreational use getting closer to a public vote in the state, Southeast Michigan employers are faced with whether to maintain zero-tolerance drug policies or create more progressive [...]

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