Law enforcement against recreational marijuana

Michigan Sheriffs Stand Against Legalized Recreational Marijuana

Michigan’s Sheriffs Say No to Legalizing Recreational Marijuana   Lansing, MI: 73 of Michigan's County Sheriffs are making a public statement today in releasing their names to support Healthy and Productive Michigan's efforts to defeat Proposal 18.1 which aims to legalize recreational marijuana. They join the Michigan Sheriffs Association, Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police, Michigan Association of Treatment Court Professionals, and the Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan in endorsing this campaign. Scott Greenlee, President of Healthy and Productive Michigan said, "Michigan Sheriffs recognize the danger that legalized recreational marijuana means for our children and communities. We are [...]

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Michigan Father Loses 16 year old son – Due to Recreational Marijuana

This Michigan father understands the significance of recreational marijuana and its availability to our youth. His 16 year old son, Henry died with it in his system. Read his story.  "Henry MacDougall, who had traces of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in his body, died after his vehicle crashed into a semi-truck and trailer at the intersection of US 31 and Sugar Grove Road in Sherman Township. MacDougall was westbound on Sugar Grove Road and failed to stop for the intersection. "MacDougall was “dabbing,” which is using a type of inhaler to ingest a drug, at Saya’s house. He was dabbing a [...]

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