Babies Impacted by Exposure to Recreational Marijuana

Babies Impacted by Exposure to Recreational Marijuana2018-10-09T21:27:24+00:00

Marijuana Impacts Babies In – and Out – of the Womb

Babies are impacted by marijuana. They cannot speak for themselves. But we can. It is imperative that Michigan residents inform others: babies can be influenced by marijuana use of a mother (or those around her). This is not okay.

Marijuana dispensaries in Colorado are recommending marijuana to pregnant women as a remedy for morning sickness.

Marijuana exposure during the first trimester of pregnancy has been found to be especially dangerous to the developing fetus – and can cause a drop in IQ. It’s also important to note that the first three months of pregnancy are when women are least likely to know they are pregnant.

The relaxed attitudes regarding marijuana use in women who are of childbearing age is troubling. In 2012, 137 women in Denver were asked if marijuana was safe to use during pregnancy. Nearly one-third said yes or that they were unsure (Source: Shuman et al., 2012).

In accordance with the CDC marijuana use during pregnancy can cause health problems in newborns – including low birth weight.

The prevalence of marijuana use among a sample of moms-to-be in California climbed from 4.2% to 7.1% from 2009 through 2016, according to a research letter published in the journal JAMA. Among pregnant teens younger than 18, marijuana use climbed from 12.5% to 21.8%, and among women 18 to 24, marijuana use climbed from 9.8% to 19%, the researchers found.

The Center for Disease Control reported that delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol, the active ingredient in marijuana that makes the user high could pass through a monther’s system to her baby.

Don’t endanger your baby, or the babies in your family: vote NO to legalizing recreational marijuana in Michigan on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

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