Addicted to Recreational Marijuana? Yes, It’s Possible.

Yes, you can get addicted to marijuana! Make sure you are aware of the potential dangers of this drug before you vote on whether to make recreational marijuana legal in November! 

America’s Invisible Pot Addicts: “Public-health experts worry about the increasingly potent options available, and the striking number of constant users. “Cannabis is potentially a real public-health problem,” said Mark A. R. Kleiman, a professor of public policy at New York University. “It wasn’t obvious to me 25 years ago, when 9 percent of self-reported cannabis users over the last month reported daily or near-daily use. I always was prepared to say, ‘No, it’s not a very abusable drug. Nine percent of anybody will do something stupid.’ But that number is now [something like] 40 percent.” They argue that state and local governments are setting up legal regimes without sufficient public-health protection…”

Keep reading this powerful piece, recommended to us by our friends at SAM Smart Approaches to Marijuana.

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