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Let’s Keep The Great Lake State Healthy and Productive

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“We have this high-potency ‘crack weed’ everywhere now. I have been completely robbed of my son’s teenage years because of this drug.”
“The commercialization of marijuana will only harm people and communities. We just have to look at the history of big tobacco that this won’t end well.”
“Young guys my age do not need one more way to get high. It’s not going to help us in our education or our careers.”

Preventing Big Tobacco 2.0

The marijuana industry is likely to be the Big Tobacco of our time.
Let’s prevent another industry from profiting off of addiction.


Putting Public Health First

We stand with every major medical association when we say marijuana can be harmful.
Read about the latest science and read why legalization is not working in U.S. states.


Advocating for Legal Reform

Just because legalization is a bad idea, doesn’t mean we need to incarcerate
users or give out criminal records. There is a middle ground between the extremes.


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