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Yes! I Care About this Issue!

We are looking for people in each of the 83 Counties in Michigan to help us inform fellow voters.

Will you help us? Learn about this ballot initiative and why it is bad for Michigan here. 

From Iron County to Detroit, from Grand Rapids to Midland, from Jackson County to Berrien, from shore to shore citizens are learning about Ballot Proposal 18.1 and why recreational marijuana is bad for Michigan.

Business owners, Pastors, Mothers, Fathers, young adults, community members are taking a stand to say NO I do not want recreational marijuana legalized in my state!

Recreational marijuana legalized is bad for Michigan, bad for our communities, bad for families and bad for our youth’s future. We need you! Tell us what county you are from so we can connect you with others and join us in saying “Not on my watch” will recreational marijuana be legal in Michigan! 

Help Us Send a Loud Message!

We are looking for Concerned Citizens who will:

  • Take a Stand! Sign our form to say YES – I support you in OPPOSING recreational marijuana legalization.
  • Share information with people in your county!
  • Vote on Tuesday November 6, 2018 NO on Proposal 18.1

Tell us you are with us and what county you live in!

Are You With Us? Click Here!
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Talking Points
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